Dr. Sanjeev Kalra

Medical Director

Commonly referred to as “The Sleep Doc”, Dr. Kalra has been treating patients with sleep disorders his entire career as a Pulmonary/Sleep physician. In his clinic, during rounds at hospitals with the residents and nurses, and through interviews and social media, he helps advise individuals on how to sleep better.

Dr. Kalra is Board Certified in Sleep Medicine.  He is Medical Director for Midwest Center for Sleep Disorders and his mission is to treat, educate and improve Sleep Health in individuals with compassionate care using contemporary measures. Such an approach would helps patients sleep better, perform better at work, and lead more productive lives. He teaches that sleep is indeed is the third pillar of health, along with diet and exercise.

Dr. Lawrence Alberti

Board Certified Sleep Medicine Specialist

Dr. Alberti served his residency and fellowship training at VA Hines Hospital and Loyola, where he was 1st introduced to sleep apnea; however at that time there was very little treatment available.

In the late 1980s Dr. Alberti established the 1st sleep lab at Copley Hospital. Since then, the field of sleep medicine has exhibited tremendous growth as medical practitioners and the media have successfully increased awareness in the community of risks for sleep disorders.

He has been in practice in Aurora since 1985. At Midwest Center for Sleep Disorders, he is dedicated to provide the highest quality sleep lab; finding it gratifying to see the exceptional improvements in patients’ quality of life as well as reductions in risk of other medical disorders after treatment.

Dr. Aman Sethi

Dr. Aman Sethi completed Pulmonary and Sleep Training from Chicago Medical School and completed Critical Care Training from St Louis University.  He has a great interest in the field of Sleep Medicine and strongly believes in Preventive Health; teaching patients that Sleep Medicine is a vital component of Preventive Medicine in the long run.

Dr. Sethi has a passion for treating working in all areas of Sleep Medicine; especially Sleep Apneas as well as other Sleep Related Problems including Narcolepsy , Hypersomnias and Restless Leg Syndrome.  He shares our common goal of creating a full service sleep center to help diagnose and treat a wide variety of sleep disorders, because u treated sleep disorders can adversely affect  quality-of-life for patients as well as their families.

Dr. Sethi feels great satisfaction in helping patients feel better and lead healthier lives.

Dr. Fatema Photowala

Dr. Photowala has been practicing sleep medicine in Aurora since 2010. She finds sleep medicine interesting and rewarding to treat because it impacts in a multitude of health aspects.  Dr. Photowala incorporates best practices and evidence-based medicine in her diagnostic approach, providing the best care to the patients.

Dr. Siddiqui