If you have any questions about your appointment or need to reschedule, please call the main office at 630-375-9499. Please arrive at 9:00 p.m. as this allows the technicians to complete their work and set up the lab. You will be discharged the following morning by 6:30-7:00 a.m.

Please bring with you:

•    Any medical forms, referral forms or Doctor’s orders you may have been given for the study

•    Your ID and Insurance Card

•    Your own comfortable sleepwear. Patients are required to wear appropriate clothing. (T-shirts and boxer shorts at least please!)

•    Your own toiletries (Towels and washcloths are provided) and any medications you may need while at the sleep lab. (Showers facilities are available)

•    Anything that might make you more comfortable. You will have a private room with a TV. Feel free to bring a snack or good book. (No alcohol)

Insurance Information  

Insurance eligibility, benefits and preauthorization is verified through our office. You will be notified of any balance that may be due prior to your appointment. Benefit information received is NOT a guarantee of benefits, but estimation. If you have any questions, please call Midwest Center for Sleep Disorders, 630-375-9499.

The physician who interprets your sleep study may be an independent contractor, and not an employee of the sleep center. You or your insurance provider MAY be billed separately for these professional services.

If you are an HMO patient, we MUST have a valid referral in order to perform your sleep study. If you do not have this referral, please contact your physician’s office to request that it be sent to Midwest Center for Sleep Disorders (Fax# 630-375-9909).  

*This does not apply to Dreyer HMO patients. If a patient insists that a study be performed without the referral, a waiver must be signed, and the patient will be responsible for all charges unless a valid referral can be obtained within 24 hours of the appointment.

Cancellation Policy


Each patient is assigned a room in the sleep lab for the entire night. Last minute cancellations cannot be filled, and deprive us of the opportunity to help someone else. 

Sleep Study Information, Guidelines and Rules

You will be spending the night in a private bedroom, while being monitored by a technician in a central control room. In order to help us obtain an accurate reading, please do not use the following:

spray or gel in your hair


lotion on your skin

Several functions will be monitored while you sleep. This requires that you wear a number of sensors and belts while you are sleeping. These are not painful in any way. You will be free to read, watch TV, or engage in other quiet activities until you are ready to sleep. You are allowed to sleep in any comfortable position during the test, although your technician may ask you to try sleeping on your back for awhile. If you should need to use the bathroom, or have any problem at all during the night, your technician will promptly answer your call.

If ordered by your physician, we will ATTEMPT to perform a “Split Night” study. If criteria are met within 2-3 hours of diagnostic recording, the technician will awaken you briefly to start treatment with CPAP. Please note that not all patients will qualify for a split night study even though it has been ordered by the physician. It may be necessary for you to return to the lab for a second night of testing with the CPAP.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is the most common and effective treatment for sleep apnea. A gentle stream of air passes through a mask worn over the nose or mouth and nose. This creates a positive pressure in the upper airway, which holds it open through the night. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of using CPAP, or cannot tolerate anything on your face, please speak with your referring physician before coming in for the CPAP appointment. We may be able to perform a PAP-NAP prior to the CPAP study, which is designed to help those who find it difficult to tolerate CPAP.

Other issues that need to be considered prior to using CPAP may include chronic nasal congestion or skin sensitivities. These issues should be addressed PRIOR to your CPAP appointment.

Midwest Center for Sleep Disorders is not a hospital based facility. Therefore ALL PATIENTS MUST BE ABLE TO PERFORM NORMAL ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVING. If you need help getting in or out of bed, dressing, using the washroom facilities, or if you use special medications or IVs, please advise us prior to your study. We regret that we are unable to provide this type of assistance, and will see to it that other arrangements are made for you.