Midwest Center for Sleep Disorders has proudly served our community since 1986; becoming one of the most active sleep centers in the Fox Valley area, with the most experienced sleep disorders team around.  Our technicians, specialists and physicians have over two decades of expertise and experience in caring for patients with sleep disorders, using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment.  Our unique, specifically designed sleep disorder centers provide our patients and their families with the greatest possible comfort and privacy for evaluation and treatment.

With locations in both Aurora and Yorkville, we have six fully appointed sleep suites (complete with showers, full sized beds, complimentary wi-fi, and  cable TV) which are staffed seven days and nights each week; offering complete flexibility to meet any schedule. All tests are evaluated and reviewed in triplicate; first by the sleep study technician, secondly by the clinical specialist (who is registered in both respiratory therapy and polysomnography) and finally by a board-certified physician.

Your comfort, care and well-being are our top priority.  We customize each patient plan, ensuring your sleep health is being entrusted to the best possible facilities and treatment team available.  With a sincere focus on our Quality Life through Quality Sleep philosophy, you can rest assured Midwest Center for Sleep Disorders will cater to your specific needs and tailor the best approach in restoring your restful slumber.  Contact us today  to learn more about our latest options to improve your sleep and enhance the quality of your life.